Technology training - at home, at work, individual or small group Teacup Techies - How we can help you

Our Teacup Techie Consultants provide computer and iPad training. We can train you in almost any area of technology, at home or in your office. We have a selection of training options to suit a beginner through to the tech-savvy executive who has limited time. Learning computer skills doesn’t have to be difficult!
Here are some examples of technology areas we cover:
  • Apple – Mac, iPod, IPhone, iPad, iTunes
  • PC – Microsoft Office – Word (letters and documents), Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (presentations); MYOB (accounting)
  • Internet – search, research, Google, the cloud
  • Social Media – email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, YouTube
  • Online Buying/Selling and Booking – Electronic banking, eBay, PayPal, travel and entertainment
  • Digital Images – iPhoto/other programs, downloading/uploading, sorting, printing, editing, albums
  • Digital at Home – Remote control, Internet, telephone, wireless network, entertainment centre – programming and setting up
  • eReaders – Kindle, using eReaders, accessing books
  • Mobile Devices – SmartPhones, tablets – set up and programming, synching with other devices
There are many more we haven’t thought of. If there’s any anything specific you’d like to learn about, just ask.