Technology training - at home, at work, individual or small group Teacup Techies - About Us

Teacup Techies is a group of professionally trained women who are passionate about helping other people learn how to use technology more effectively – particularly for Seniors. We train in the comfort of your own home or office. Ask for our generous discount.
We work over a relaxing cup of tea, one on one, in a Techaware Party (a host and up to 4 friends) or a workshop setting, to help you learn how to do exactly what you need to do with your technology. Our Teacup Techies consultants know how to simplify technology for seniors and other people that might not be very familiar with the computer world. We won’t teach you everything we know; instead we’ll give you quick and easy tips in a language you will understand, on a topic of your choice. Topics include setting up and synching your iPhone or iPad, digital imaging and photos, updating your resume, getting around a PC or Mac, depending on your needs.
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